Golden Hill is a Values Based School.

What is Values Based Education?

Values Based Education is a philosophy which promotes positive relationships between staff, pupils and parents. Values Based education, promotes a positive teaching and learning culture which is based upon valuing ourselves, others and the environment. Our school Values support the development of the whole child.

It effects all aspects of school life.

At Golden Hill we believe that teaching children Values prepares them for adult life. Our Values teach self-respect, respect of others and respect for the world around us. We believe that it is our Values that determine our thinking and behaviour, not only how we behave ourselves but how we interact and behave with others.

We learn to understand what our Values look like and how we can demonstrate each Value, in the way we behave, in our attitude towards each other and in our learning.

How are Values taught at Golden Hill?

We spend 3 or 4 weeks directly teaching a Value. Throughout the year we look at 24 Values in total.

Each week we have a whole school Values session in which we introduce our new Value and focus on understanding exactly what that Value means.

In addition we have a weekly lesson, where children work in mixed-age groups and participate in a variety of activities linked to consolidating their understanding of the Value.

Each week we decide upon a Theme of the Week linked to our chosen Value. At the Daily Meeting children are nominated by other children and staff for demonstrating the Theme of the Week. On Friday, nominated children are rewarded with 40 bonus points to spend in the Bonus Bank.

Staff give children Values tokens when they see children demonstrating the Value within school. These Values tokens are collected for each mixed-age group. At the end of each Value block the Values tokens are counted for each group, with the group who has achieved the most Value tokens being declared the winners.

We believe our shared values are a foundation for life. 

They help guide us to make positive choices now and in the future.

Friendship, Appreciation, Caring, Empathy, Humour, Peace,  Hope, Tolerance, Happiness, Humility,Co-operation, Love, Patience, Responsibility, Courage, Simplicity, Respect, Understanding, Quality, Honesty, Thoughtfulness, Trust, Unity, Freedom