Welcome to Falcons Class


Class Teacher

Mrs Towers



Teaching Assistant

 Miss McLoughlin



We have been doing lots of learning in Falcons…..

Summer Term

Outdoor Adventurous Activity Day at Fairhaven Lake

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Spring Term

PE – Hockey

Autumn Term

PE – Boxing

Boxing sessions with PE coach

English: Topsy Turvy Fairytales

We have been reading Topsy Turvy Fairytales, then writing sentences. We are learning to use capital letters and full stops in our sentences.

PE: Fencing Lessons

Science: Light and Dark

We have been investigating which materials reflect the most light.

Maths: We have been practising our measuring, and made some cookies.

Computing: Making dinosaurs for a stop animation film

Active Maths: Measuring using a trundle wheel

We joined in Roald Dahl Day and dressed up. Can you spot the character? Do you know which Roald Dahl book he is from?

Summer Term

English: Space information   

Maths: Problem solving            
Science: Magnets                                       
Good News Door
Friendship Value:
Art work: