Our Values

Respect Happiness Trust

Friendship Honesty Co-operation

At Golden Hill School we learn about Values. Every half term we introduce a new value, teaching about the value to all the school. Every Monday, each class looks at an aspect of the Value, bringing a ‘Theme of the Week’ to our daily meeting. We listen to each theme, and then everyone gets 1 vote. The theme with the most votes is used as our ‘Theme of the Week.’ Each day in meeting, we ask if there are any nominations for the theme, and we listen to the reason why the person is showing the value. We then put the names of the people who have been nominated. If your name is up, you will get 10 bonus points.

Our Values Tree in the Hall.

Autumn Term 1Respect

Autumn Term 2Happiness

Spring Term 1 Friendship

Spring Term 2Co-operation

Summer Term 1Responsibility

Summer Term 2Trust