Sue has over 26 years’ experience of working with children who display challenging behaviour.

This experience has been gained through teaching in both mainstream schools and Pupil Referral Units.  Sue started her career teaching in a mainstream primary school in inner city London, Kings Cross.  From there Sue worked as a teacher in a mainstream Primary school in Blackpool, where she also worked as the SENCO for that school.  During her time as SENCO, Sue worked intensively as part of a working group of Educational Psychologists and SENCOs in Blackpool to support children who were vulnerable to permanent exclusion.

Since at Golden Hill, Sue is Deputy Head and the manager of the Golden Hill Inclusion Support Team (GHIST).  In her capacity as GHIST manager, Sue has developed the processes and practice to support mainstream settings, with support for children in nursery to YR transition and Y6 – Y7 transition being an important focus as well as work to support cohorts of children who are displaying challenging behaviour.

In addition to her work on the Golden Hill Inclusion Support Team, Sue has worked with the Golden Hill Commissioned Services to plan and deliver training to staff at mainstream primary schools.