Golden Hill Inclusion Support Team (GHIST) work with children in their mainstream schools who have been identified as needing additional support to manage their ‘challenging’ behaviour.

GHIST are based at Golden Hill (short stay) School in Leyland.  We support children and schools in districts 6, 7, 8 and 9.

The children are referred to the team because they need additional support with strategies to manage ‘challenging’ behaviour in their mainstream school.

Once the referral is received, the GHIST Manager completes an observation on the child in their school setting and then writes the Inclusion Support Plan.  This sets out the difficulties the child is facing and the objectives of the support to be provided by GHIST.  This plan is shared during the following week with the school staff and the parents/carers.  Following this, a six week block of support is provided.  GHIST visit once a week, every week but school staff are asked to e-mail through any incidents that may have occurred during the week; this ensures the support provided is bespoke for each individual child and school.  At the end of the six week block of support, a review meeting is held.

At the six weeks review meeting the support is evaluated.  If everyone feels it is having an impact, then another block of six weeks support can be provided.  If it is not successful then a discussion is held to ascertain why not and the focus of the support can be changed.  It also may be necessary to call upon other agencies to provide additional support at this stage.


In addition to this work, GHIST also provide Year 6 – Year 7 Transition support and Nursery – Reception support.