Nursery / Reception Transition Tips

Do you have a child who is about to start school?


Can help with ensuring the transition to school is smooth and the child has a positive start to their school life.

What can parents and nurseries do to help the child?

Talk about the ‘new school’ – Look at the school web page

Reception children will be expected to know the basics of looking after themselves. Encourage your child to dress on their own – tackling buttons, zips and taking off and putting on jackets.

Having friends is hugely beneficial for children. Those who have already been to pre-school or a nursery will already be proficient in socialising, so do encourage your child to talk to other children at play sessions or at the park and invite young friends over for play dates.

School children are expected to listen to what the teacher says, without interrupting, and to also answer when spoken to. Get your child ready for ‘circletime’ – a time when the teacher and class sit together every day to discuss topics – by trying it out at home. Either make your own ‘circletime’ with siblings – or use teddies and dolls – and encourage family discussions at the dinner table, taking turns to listen and to speak.

Some children will already be able to read and write simple words by the time they start Reception; others will be new learners. It’s important that your child can recognise their name so they can pick up the correct name-labelled uniform or jacket, and also find their own drawer in the classroom. With your child, explore what the letters in their name look like and help them try writing their name, too.

Children’s thoughts about school can vary enormously. Some can hardly wait to start while some find it stressful to leave their parents for the day. Start helping your child look forward to school by talking enthusiastically about it now. Visit the classroom, admire other pupils’ pictures and projects together and talk about what your child will be doing and who they will meet in positive terms.

Walk the route to school – Show them the way walk through the route and what should be expected on their way to school

Try on their uniform – Make it fun and exciting trying on their new uniform and getting them ready for their next adventure.

Take photographs and keep a journal Photographs can be of the school and its surrounding area, the classroom and class teacher, where lunch is eaten, where coats are placed and which door the child has to go though on their first day.

Learning is fun and school is exciting – help your child to feel this too.

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