Whole School Brochure

Jewellery Policy

Pupils are not permitted to wear any jewellery in school for safety and security reasons.  Pupils may wear a watch but must take full responsibility for looking after it.

Personal Belongings

Because of the risk of loss or damage, personal belongings, including toys and money are not allowed unless by special arrangement with the class teacher who will write a note in the child’s home school book.  When personal possessions are brought to the school with permission, staff will try to ensure their safe keeping, but the risk of loss or damage must be accepted by parents and children


Please note that it is against School Policy for pupils at Golden Hill to have extreme hairstyles such as “Tram lines” cut into their hair. This style is unacceptable both at Golden Hill and all other mainstream schools.

Unavoidable School Closure

Unavoidable School Closure Letter – information regarding what we will do if the School needs to close in an emergency.