Lancashire Police Early Action Team
Tel: 01772 20983

What support is offered?
One to one or group work with the young person from the police early action team according to need. Work can be done in any location (police station, home, school for example).
We aim to target young people to prevent them entering the criminal justice system in the future. This is done by a variety of methods; we have packages on knife crime, anti-social behaviour, righting wrongs, crime and consequences, CEOPS (internet safety), Gangs etc. We can also complete the custody experience with the young person in either a live or closed custody system.
 Our work is multi agency and we will refer onto/work with other agencies if there are other needs for the young person or family.
 We work with any child from 7yrs to 17ys.
 They need to be at risk of offending or antisocial behaviour.
 They can have low level offending
 They have witnessed domestic violence
 Not level 4 on the continuum of need.
 Not just absent from school
 If unsure if the case fits with us, please ring for advice
 No cost

Helen Dixon –
Tel: 209676
Sadie Day –
Tel: 209832