Welcome to Eagles Class


                       Mrs Slater

Class Teacher

Mrs El Kout

Wednesday – Forest Schools (please provide tracksuit and trainers/wellies)

Autumn Term

We went to look at our Allotment, but it was covered in weeds, so we started to clear it.

We have been out into our garden to look at what has been growing over the past few months!!  Look what we



Spring Term 

In Science, we have started to plant seeds and bulbs. Some seeds we are currently growing in the warmth of the classroom.  We also went and dug up some daffodil bulbs from our grounds and planted them in our garden. 

In Science, we are learning about Plants.  We have tried growing cress in different places – in light, in the dark.  We have tried growing cress with water and no water – in soil, papertowels and cotton wool.  We are waiting to find out which cress grows the best….

In English we looked at the Little Red Hen, and found out how unkind the animals were.  We then made bread, making sure we weighed out all the ingredients carefully, linking into our Maths work on Weighing.

We enjoyed Pancake Day, and made pancakes to eat.  We then thought about the tradition of Pancake Day from the religion of Christianity.  We created a Promises Tree to link into Lent, hanging our promises on the tree.  We also started to think about 40 Acts of Kindness for Lent.

In Science we have been finding out about our Senses – we have been joining in activities linked to our sense of smell, taste, sight and touch.

We went to a Sports Event at our local high school and enjoyed the Young Leaders showing us a variety of games.

Some of the activities we have been exploring in our class…..   counting in 5s, sharing sand and water.

In English we have moved onto Non-fiction work,  finding out about People Who Help Us,  we have looked at how non-fiction books present the information – title, label, photo, caption.  We have been practising writing capital and lower case letters.


We have looked at the story of NOBOT and ordered the sequence of the story and read different sentences from the story.   


We are learning about the Value of Friendship –  We have painted pictures of our friends, thinking about what we like about our friends.


We have made Gingerbread People and given our biscuit to a friend to show our appreciation of friends. 

Our Outdoor Area:  We are starting to use our Outdoor Area.  We have called it the Woods and we have tried out den building and cooking in our mud kitchen!

Look what we did in Eagles in the Autumn term……

Autumn walks

Number work around place value


Our trip to Clip n Climb with Kestrels

We looked at the book ‘Zog’ by Julia Donaldson.  We made storymaps and created our own characters, changing the Zog story.