Golden Hill Inclusion Support Team

Behaviour Surgery

Thank you to everyone who attended our Behaviour surgery on 13th November.  We shared ideas about how to manage:

Challenging Behaviour in the Early Years

There were many ideas shared by Early Years Practitioners from mainstream schools.  Some have been shared below.  Remember: Alongside specific strategies, children will need support with Emotional Literacy and social skills.
Biting! -“Ouch – Hurts” Keep your face blank.
Show a visual prompt (sad face)
Being told ‘No’ – Give a warning: Count down (use clocks)
Social Interaction – Model within the continuous provision.
Hurting Others! – Use of Emotions Fan (two way) to show impact of actions on others.
Tantrums/meltdowns – Safe spaces: Red/Green cushions and simple language: “Finished now”.
Separation Anxiety! – Tight Team: “I’m thinking about you!”  Include a photo of the parent/carers.