GHIST Nursery to Reception Transition

Nursery/Reception Transition

During the Summer Term we liaise with The Early Years Team who identify children that need additional support in the transition period from Nursery to Reception.

As a team we will support children with this transition.  Within this work we will visit the child in the Nursery setting, speaking to the key worker, meeting the Reception class teacher and parents. This is important to us as we are able to see and play with the child in the early years setting, gather information and help us to know the child better before we start our support.

Following this, in September as the child starts in their Reception class, we can visit the child for 5 consecutive days initially plus 5 weekly visits. We will supply games, toys and activities to share with the child as we begin to develop a positive relationship with them. Children look forward to our visits, they have fun and become more relaxed and happier to learn.

We will also discuss and support staff with implementing the targets from the transition plan provided, helping with behaviour charts and positive behaviour strategies, this helps the teacher to feel relaxed and confident. We feel it is important to develop positive working relationships with the staff.

We are passionate that each child is treated as an individual and that the support provided is personalised to meet their social, emotional and behavioural needs.

When the time of support comes to an end, we are always available for further telephone conversations and emails.