Behaviour Surgery – Early Years Reflection Nov 19

Golden Hill Inclusion Support Team

Behaviour Surgery

Thank you to everyone who attended our Behaviour surgery on 13th November.  We shared ideas about how to manage:

Challenging Behaviour in the Early Years

There were many ideas shared by Early Years Practitioners from mainstream schools.  Some have been shared below.  Remember: Alongside specific strategies, children will need support with Emotional Literacy and social skills.
Biting! -“Ouch – Hurts” Keep your face blank.
Show a visual prompt (sad face)
Being told ‘No’ – Give a warning: Count down (use clocks)
Social Interaction – Model within the continuous provision.
Hurting Others! – Use of Emotions Fan (two way) to show impact of actions on others.
Tantrums/meltdowns – Safe spaces: Red/Green cushions and simple language: “Finished now”.
Separation Anxiety! – Tight Team: “I’m thinking about you!”  Include a photo of the parent/carers.