Eco Council

At Golden Hill, our Eco Council is made up of one of the Values groups. Each term, a different group of children from across the whole school, get the opportunity to be part of the Eco Council and work together to develop our Values through the experiences of the Eco Council activities. We make sure that all members of the Eco Council are happy with the focus of the activities, with everyone suggesting ideas, and then voting on decisions that need to be made to successful implement our ideas.


Autumn 2016:

We have already held a ‘Switch off Fortnight’ with the Eco Council delivering a speech in one of our daily meetings to inform the school of our event. Then, members of the Eco Council ‘spied’ on all of the classes to check that they were switching off electrical equipment . We looked at the the Values of Respect and Courage, learning about why we need to save electricity for our planet.

We are currently looking at what fruit and vegetables we want to grow, and thinking about why we want to grow them. Some children are keen to try out new fruit and vegetables. Some children want to use the fruit and vegetables we grow to cook a meal, or develop recipes for our cooking option.  We are hoping to ask Mrs Collinge if we are able to buy some seeds!  We are also looking at the Values of Understanding and Quality.